Tomorrow’s photoluminescent technology for a safer today

Highest Grades of Pigment

With our technology we are able to use different micron particle sizes and the highest grades of pigment available in the world. This results in the highest light output and the slowest decay possible.


GlowZone technology


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Suspended Crystal Structure

With GlowZone’s technology, photoluminescent crystals are suspended in a wide variety of carriers allowing UV light to pass through and charge more efficiently. With traditional technology, only the top layer gets charged.

Integrate With More Materials

With over a decade of R&D experience working with different carriers, GlowZone uses photoluminescent (PL) technology in an array of different processes. This includes casting, extrusion, powder-coating, compression molding, and injection molding.

Higher Pigment Load

Traditional photoluminescent (PL) products are limited to how much pigment they can carry. However, our suspension technology allows for a much higher pigment load. This increases the luminance output and duration of a glowout.

Wide Range of Colors

Although most companies work with “safety green”, GlowZone has captured the ability to emit the wavelength and change its color. This means that the same color that is seen in the day is emitted at night.
We carry the following colors:

⦁ Yellow
⦁ Orange
⦁ Pink
⦁ Blue
⦁ White
⦁ Purple
⦁ Green