GlowZone adds value to products.

GlowZone has worked with numerous companies to integrate its photoluminescent technology to add value to their products.

What do you want to glow?

Challenge our R&D team to add value by integrating our versatile photoluminescent (PL) technology into your products. Whether powder-coated, extruded or molded, GlowZone will find ways to make your products glow.


Whether it’s Terrazzo flooring, swimming pool tiles, stainless steel handrails or floor inserts, GlowZone works with companies to give architects solutions that integrate with their designs for new construction. Challenge GlowZone to increase visibility and safety for your next project.

Cast in etched granite, Terrazzo or marble tiles
Integrated into stainless steel, copper or chrome
Trim on stairwells and in hallways
Interior or exterior applications


Fired at temperatures up to 1,400 degrees for ultimate durability, GlowZone has designed ceramic and porcelain tiles to meet specifications that are perfectly integrated into the architecture. Ideal locations where public safety is of paramount importance include: subways, tunnels, railway stations, airports, stadiums or shopping centers.

GlowZone’s new inlaid and etched tiles are ideal for decorative applications and are perfect for pools, spas, kitchens, and bathrooms.

• Virtually indestructible • High heat tolerance • Provide visible guidance in the light or dark • Easy to clean – no maintenance is required

Fire Safety

By including photoluminescence into fire safety products, firefighters/emergency responders are able to locate and activate critical equipment, prevent injuries from obstacles like fire extinguisher cabinets and hose racks, and accomplish everything even in total darkness.

Durable powder-coated finish
Highly visible in dark or with smoke
Fire-resistant & UV-stable
Only needs low light level to work in almost any location
Weather-resistant for outdoor applications
Non-toxic, non-radioactive, environmentally friendly
No maintenance

Fire Safety

Consumer Products

GlowZone adds value to products.

From a flashlight that glows under water to a critical tool used in aircraft maintenance to be easily located even in the dark, GlowZone has helped develop the perfect product to meet unique specifications.

GlowZone has worked successfully with a number of companies to add photoluminescent properties to otherwise ordinary products, allowing them to offer new safety and convenience benefits for their end-users.

Marine Applications

Boats and boat docks can be hazardous, especially after dusk – obstacles, uneven steps and slippery surfaces can result in slips and falls. Photoluminescent (PL) products powered with GlowZone’s technology helps reduce the risk of injury when boating, camping or hunting.

GlowZone works with product designers to develop photoluminescent products that will help prevent slips & falls, avoid hazards, and help people locate critical gear.

Visible by day or night
Easy installation
Environmentally friendly
No maintenance

Safety Way Guidance

From exit signs to safety signage of all shapes and sizes, GlowZone makes a wide variety of quality directional, safety and exit signs to meet any code requirements, budgets and specifications:

 V-MAX UL-approved framed exit signs
Powder-coated aluminum
Stainless steel for architectural applications
Rigid PVC

Building designers, architects, maintenance engineers, property managers and municipalities are turning to signage manufactured by GlowZone for their commercial & residential buildings, mines and oil platforms, stadiums and concert halls, universities and hospitals, airports, railway stations and subways.

 No wiring to install
No batteries to test or replace
No electricity required
No backup generator
No maintenance

Safety Way Guidance Systems

Staircases plunged into darkness during an emergency can become a deathtrap for panicked building occupants trying to escape.

Whether for a commercial or residential building, a cruise ship or underground mine, GlowZone engineers can help you integrate photoluminescence into your egress and stairwell systems to provide the reliable visible guidance necessary to ensure an orderly exit, even when power is out and backup systems have failed.

Failsafe system in the light or in the dark
Highest luminance levels
Only 1 ft. candles ambient light to charge
Durable and permanent
Fire-resistant materials
Non-toxic, non-radioactive
No maintenance required

What do you want to glow?

Challenge our R&D team to add value by integrating our versatile photoluminexcent (PL) technology into your products. Whether powder-coated, extruded or molded, GlowZone will find ways to make your products glow.